FAQ – Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How to book a bike rental?2024-05-15T19:44:12+02:00
  1. Choose a location in the “Our shops” section
  2. Click the “Book a rental” button. The Rent and Go website will open
  3. Choose (at the top of the page) the rental dates
  4. Add the products to the cart and complete the online payment
  5. Receive the booking confirmation voucher via email
  6. Show the voucher (even from a smartphone) to collect the bikes

Please specify in the booking notes if you want to return to a different location.

For any information or clarification, contact us.

How can I pay for an online booking?2024-05-28T16:37:43+02:00

It is possible to book a rental on the rentandgo.it website, payments available are via Credit Card, Paypal, Satispay and Stripe.

It is not possible to pay by bank transfer or cash.

Can I return the bike to another rental?2024-05-28T16:13:01+02:00

Yes, it is possible to return the bikes to any of the Alto Adige bike rentals.

See the complete map of our rentals on the “Our shops” page.

Please specify the drop-off location in the online booking notes.

What time can I pick up the bikes?2024-05-28T16:17:40+02:00

Bicycles can usually be collected in the morning, starting from the shop’s opening hours.

Upon request and based on availability, you can also pick up a bike the previous afternoon, within the rental closing time.

But for e-bikes it will be necessary to charge them yourself at your accommodation.

What time do I have to return the bikes?2024-06-05T18:31:42+02:00

Bicycles must be returned to the rental shop by closing time. If you are late, you can also return the bike by 9:00 a.m. the following day. In this case, the e-bikes must be returned fully charged, otherwise an additional rental day will be charged.

Do you also have guides for bike tours?2024-05-28T16:42:08+02:00

We provide this service in the town of Maranza, at the Rentasport Gitschberg rental.

For other locations, we usually do not offer this service, but if you are interested, please contact us.

Is there a discount for the Sudtirol Guest Pass?2024-05-28T16:41:01+02:00

Yes, Sudtirol Guest Pass holders have a 10% discount, but only on bikes and e-bikes, not on accessories.

The discount can only be used on site and without reservation (not available for online bookings).

In case of problems, do you offer roadside support?2024-05-28T16:40:31+02:00

Si, incluso nel prezzo del noleggio è disponibile il soccorso stradale lungo le piste ciclabili del circuito Bici Alto Adige.

How does pedal assistance work in an E-bike?2024-06-05T18:35:59+02:00

Le E-bike supportano il ciclista fino alla velocità di 25Km/h.

Da questa velocità in poi la batteria non eroga più supporto e si pedala con la propria energia.

La pedalata torna assistita una volta scesi nuovamente sotto i 25Km/h.

How long does a battery charge last?2024-05-28T16:40:06+02:00

It is not possible to accurately report the life of a battery as this depends on many different factors, such as weight, level of support, amount of uphill and flat or downhill road and more.

As a reference, with a 750Wh battery it is possible to travel 2km in altitude and 150km on flat terrain.

The battery does not recharge when going downhill.

How to recharge an electric bicycle?2024-05-28T16:37:20+02:00

Those who rent E-bikes for several days are provided with a special charging cable. It will thus be possible to recharge the battery at the hotel or facility where you stay overnight.

ATTENTION: No spare batteries are provided. For safety reasons it is not possible to dismantle/replace the batteries supplied with the E-bikes we rent.

Do you have suitable bikes for children?2024-05-28T16:39:08+02:00

Children’s bicycles (Junior and Baby) are divided into the following categories, based on wheel size:

  • Baby 16”: suitable for children of around 5 years old
  • Junior 20″ and 24″: for children aged 7 and over, based on height
  • Junior 26”: suitable for children up to a maximum height of 150-152 cm
Can you deliver the bikes at my acccomodation?2024-05-28T16:18:42+02:00

Normally this service is only available for groups and with advance bookings, on the dates when there is possibility. For more information contact us.

Do you provide a bike transport service from Merano to Malles?2024-06-07T20:02:30+02:00

Yes, the times for private transport from Merano to Malles are: 9:16, 10:16, 15:16, 16:16. The transport ticket costs €7 per bicycle and can be bought at the train station.

You must be at the train station in the square where there are the track underpasses 20 minutes before departure.

Transport does not need to be booked only if it is a group of 10 or more people. For more information contact us.

Can I rent a bike for half a day?2024-05-28T16:14:32+02:00

Yes, it is possible to rent at a reduced rate for up to a maximum of 3 hours. But you must return the bicycle to the same rental point where it was picked up.

It is not possible to book half a day online, it is necessary to rent directly on site, based on availability at the time.

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